Awards and Distinctions

Largest Number of James Spader Movies Watched in a Single Day (Reigning Champion 1996-present)

Winner of the Ms. Snark award (Snark Week 2006, 2009, 2012)

Most Adorable Cusser (1990, 1999, 2005, 2018)

Reigning Champion of the Ocular Fitness Award - being able to roll my eyes further and more times than anyone in the world (2002 - present)

Winner of the Best Supporting Actress at the NYU First Run Film Festival (2011)*

Most Intimidating Person Under 5'5" (1984-present)

Professional Necklace and Slinky Un-tangler (present)

Inducted into the Circle of Excellence by the New York City Master Chorale (2018)*

Reigning Champion of Fastest Lyric Memorization (1995 - present)

Osceola Wisconsin's Elementary School Powder Puff Derby Best Design Winner (1998)*

Reigning Champion of Largest Number of Books being Read Concurrently (1991 - present)

Best Stunt Person in South Africa (2003)

She has lyrics published & preserved in the Library of Congress from 2000's Continental Harmony in the five-movement piece named 'River Spirit' inspired by the river community she grew up in. (2000)*


*factually accurate

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